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Enerlogic® - Revolutionary Glass Insulation

Get superb value for money and unbeatable performance with Enerlogic® window films, the best choice for premium energy film. With superior quality and excellent functionality, Enerlogic® window films will shield your home or work space from the sun’s UV glare in the summer, and protect you against the cold in winter.

No other energy film on the market offers the same standard of protection as Enerlogic® window films, so if you’re looking for a tried and tested brand, it’s a safe bet.

Benefit of window tinting

Benefits of Enerlogic® Window Films

For an affordable price, you can enjoy the multiple benefits of Enerlogic® window films, including the improved insulating power of single glazing by up to 92%. Indeed, it can upgrade the annual insulating performance of single-pane windows to that of double-pane windows, and double-pane to triple-pane.

One of the most remarkable performance features of Enerlogic® window films is their ability to reduce heat transfer through windows. Enerlogic® 70 provides 49% heat rejection, while Enerlogic® 35 offers 76% heat rejection.

Providing the perfect balance of energy efficiency and comfort all year round, Enerlogic® window films cuts costs as a result of its superb performance. Its low e-coating directs solar and radiant heat to its source for substantial energy savings and it performs up to five times better than any other low e-film currently on the market.

At Prime Window Tinting, we can advise you on the many advantages of this unique energy film, but it’s best to experience the results for yourself. Costing almost a quarter of what double-glazing would , Enerlogic® window films delivers maximum energy efficiency throughout each and every season.

Why replace windows, heating, or cooling systems, when Enerlogic® window films will give instant results for a much better price? Compatible with high-efficiency lighting (low iridescence), Enerlogic® window films have every base covered to create a space you can truly relax in.